Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Days

In high school you would pray for sick days, most of the time it was so you could get out of class. Now in college, it is just no fun, especially when you have things to do. USU is a very busy place especially if you are in student government like me. The great thing is that you can combat whatever you have with a few resources. You can go the first route a drink warm ginger ale like dear old Dad taught me whenever you stomach acts up, or you can talk to your doctor. Here on campus we have a wellness center, which is a part of your tuition. Obviously I am not there, but I have been corresponding through email what to do with one of the most amazing members of staff there. I' d like to see customer service like that out of any clinic I ever go to. Make sure to give them a visit! ( I got the medicine down, and this should pass fairly soon. (By afternoon if all goes well) In the mean time here are some things us college kids do in our sick down time, when we aren't praying to the porcelain god.


- Sleep
- Email Professors
- Attempt Homework
- Watch The Price Is Right
- Put the IPod in and attempt more homework, but will probably fall asleep.
- Text. a whole bunch if you are in student government (get a smart phone)

In the end life goes on, and I will live another day to take on this snow. As I will probably be passing out soon I will remember the work needs to get done. Especially by April 29th. Everyone save that day. BIG SURPRISE IN STORE!

your friend,
Chase Casillas

PS Make sure to watch the video on the Wellness Center's home page to see yours truly hanging out with Big Blue!

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