Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Update and Mixtape. LETS GET IT!

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So I guess the Holidays have come to an end! So many sick things happened, such as weddings, tons of parties, and of course quality family time. Good thing I was able to make a good time out of it. The time spent in Texas was fantastic. So now I am here ready to start another semester at USU. Already there is some exciting stuff going on, for instance this coming Thursday I have been asked to read at Helicon West at the True Aggie Cafe. I was asked to read a short story I wrote this past semester, which terrifies me because usually its just slam poetry I end up reading. Another thing coming up is the massive snowball fight on Saturday. If you see me run, I will be in full on survival mode at that point. If you think you can take me then I am up for it. So to kick things off I made a mixtape for January of the songs I have been listening to currently. If you like them, maybe, just maybe, I can set you off with some free tunes. You got this, Chase Longino Casillas

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