Monday, November 2, 2009

November is pretty much going to be amazing.

If this picture doesn't enforce how much fun I am having this semester then I do not know what will. November is about to get insane. It's already November 2nd and I barely found out today that an article was written on me! My own article just about me! How insane is that?! A way cool dude named Nick Rust out of the blue interviewed me, and I totally thought it was just for a class, but low and behold there is a piece on the internet and I am blown away by some of the nice things said. You can check it out here!

As for the rest of November there is some great stuff to follow, such as myself being asked to host a Greek Week event! I am only a friend to Greek life around campus, so it was really an honor to be asked to host their lip syncing competition on the 5th of November. I am going to get my Ryan Seacrest on for this event! Then on the 9th of November I will be celebrating my birthday, and all I want is to see my friends for that day! Following that I am being sent to a Conference in Arizona called IACURH, which I co-coordinated a dance number for all USU attendees!

So as you can see, I got my hands full, but in a fantastic way. So get ready for November, I will keep everyone updated! Man this place keeps me busy, but it also keeps me stoked on life! Talk to everyone soon!

Stay classy, come to Cache Valley

-Chase Casillas

(P.S. - Lets follow each other!

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  1. Great article Chase. :) Now just don't get toooooo big a' head.

    My favorite quote that perfectly epitomizes your Strongest Man status: 'I'm... falling...out shoes!!'

    PS- Who is Alex Jones? I have a note on my computer that you told me to look him up... hmmm.